Hi, I'm Skel.

I made, maybe you've heard of that?

I also made Dino Dash and Spaceship Shipping but I doubt you've heard of those.

I'm currently working on too many projects at once, I'll let you know how they go here.

Skeldev games PRIVACY POLICY

This page can change over time, so please make sure to check this page occasionally. By using this website or playing any games by Skeldev you agree to be bound by this policy. For any questions regarding this privacy policy, feel free to e-mail

What I collect and why

In order to know how I can improve my website or games, I collect the following information and send it to a third party for processing:

  • IP address to know unique visitors/players, and roughly know where in the world my audience is.

  • What people do in a game. For instance which levels are finished or which upgrades are purchased. This helps me figure out where people get stuck, or if a level, upgrade or other feature is (not) something the user wants.

  • Unique device identifiers, for serving (personalised) advertisements in game.

In paragraphs below I will explain which systems I use that collect data.

Unity Ads and Unity Analytics

As listed above I use the services Unity provides for analytics and ads. See for more details.

In-game progress and unlocks

As listed above I use Local Storage to provide the games I make with the ability to save which levels are finished or which upgrades are purchased. This system is built into all modern browsers and is a feature of the Unity game engine which I use to create my games. This storage is used to keep track of values such as "currentLevel=3" and "soundEffectVolume=50%".

Any questions?

If you have any further questions on the data I store in my games then please feel free to contact me at