Skel's Stuff 

Collection of osrs youtube video creation resources



Irokaru Pixel Scaler - Useful for scaling up small game icons - Thumbnail tester

Cloud Convert - For converting video file formats online

Coolers - Nice colour pallete generation - Osrs world with no clip mode enabled, can use record menu to create and record panning shots

RuneMonk Model Viewer - Get high quality model screenshots

Icon Dump - A dump of all the in-game icons from the cache, I think I made mid March 2024 

MOID - Minimal OSRS Item DB, collection of ids for npcs objects and items, very extensive

NPC Dialogs - A list of every npc and their dialog options, might be useful for something idk

YoutubeDL - Commandline application for downloading Youtube video with lots of flexibility

NPC ID List - Just a pastebin of every npc id as of ~2017

Mejrs World Map - A nice world map explorer


Edit webpage bookmarklet - Add this to a bookmark and click it to allow editing of current webpage, I use it for making dumb wiki memes

javascript:document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0 screen recorder - Add this to a bookmark, click it to begin recording the current screen, hit play on your Record menu, click the canvas to stop recording

javascript:(function(){const e=document.querySelector("canvas");if(!e){alert("Canvas element not found!");return}const t=e.captureStream(60),n={mimeType:"video/webm; codecs=vp9",videoBitsPerSecond:15728640},a=new MediaRecorder(t,n),o=[];a.ondataavailable=e=>o.push(,a.onstop=()=>{const e=new Blob(o,{type:"video/webm"}),t=URL.createObjectURL(e),n=document.createElement("a");"none",n.href=t,"canvas-recording.webm",document.body.appendChild(n),,URL.revokeObjectURL(t)},a.start();const c=()=>{a.stop(),e.removeEventListener("click",c)};e.addEventListener("click",c)})();



FreeSound - A collection of sounds with varying licences

OSRS Music - All music tracks can be downloaded on the

OSRS Jingles - A list of smaller musical tracks for specific in-game events can be downloaded on the



Font Collection - A collection of otf and tff fonts from around the game

Video Editing

OBS Open Broadcaster Software -  Allows you to record footage and stream to the popular streaming sites

Vegas Pro - I use Vegas Pro, don't think I'd recommend it hugely because it crashes a lot but I'm just very used to it.

Davinci Resolve - Another option that's free and I know a lot of people use.

Audio Editing

Audacity - Basic but free audio editing software

Image Editing

Gimp - Basic free image editor

Photoshop - Can't exactly link to where I got my copy lmao

Runelite Plugins